Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.

Mission Statement

To provide a wellness outcome approach in patient care through integrated multi-disciplinary collaboration that focuses on assessing and establishing optimal breathing and sleep to optimize health and quality of life.

Philosophy Statement

The current healthcare system focuses on managing disease through treatment of patient reported symptoms and signs with drugs, surgeries and devices. The underlying cause or etiology of the complaints are typically not addressed due to current care parameters driven by the third party payer and general misunderstanding of the underlying problem. Moreover, the integration of care between disciplines is impeded by a system that rewards short-term cost containment versus optimal, long-term health outcomes. Our philosophy of care focuses on a wellness versus a disease management outcome of care which will decrease the overall long-term cost burden on the healthcare system. Efficient workflow and excellent communication with high quality service that focuses on a positive patient experience is central to our philosophy. The understanding that the airway problem may begin during the developmental years and manifest throughout life requires early assessment and education to obviate the preventable, chronic, inflammatory, end-stage conditions currently managed with medications, devices and surgical intervention. Due to the many associated symptoms a cooperative multi-disciplinary approach is required to facilitate the aforementioned care.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to fundamentally transform the healthcare system that currently focuses on the management of chronic, preventable, inflammatory diseases of the modern environment through a scalable, non-discriminatory model of care. A collaborative approach between the disciplines that is global and comprehensive versus highly specialized with domain barriers represents a sea-change approach to patient care. The integration of traditional allopathic and alternative, functional medicine is key to this transformative approach. The focus on a wellness outcomes versus disease management represents a concrete departure from the current healthcare approach.

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